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Message to all SHA instructors

Posted By: DR ABDULMAJEED KHAN on 29 July 2019 8:15 PM

Dear all we develop this blog for you to have interactive healthy discussions between each others including seniors, faculties and the experts in the science of CPR. You can put your questions, queries, observations and any topic that matter the good practice of CPR in the kingdom. Dr Abdulmajeed khan.

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Reply By: 22 February 2022 on 8:57 AM

Hi! How can I get the big BLS Big Certificate?

Reply By: 20 September 2021 on 10:29 PM

Dear Sir/s,

I just want to ask why the eLearning is not working now?

Would appreciate a response from anyone.

Thank you.

Reply By: 01 September 2021 on 4:21 PM

how to apply bls course online?

Reply By: 03 June 2021 on 10:20 PM

I have a question about availability to take bls course online

Reply By: 18 May 2021 on 3:07 PM

 good afternoon.  im asking if there is no online to take cpr 

Reply By: 26 August 2020 on 8:43 AM

Please start BLS crush course again

Reply By: 19 December 2019 on 2:24 PM

Good Day,

Sir Im interested to apply as BLS instructor in your good office.As a part time job. Thank you