Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The Saudi Heart Association is the sole body responsible for the CPR activities in the kingdom is affiliated with international liaison committee on resuscitation (ELCOR).

  1. The Saudi Heart Association will issue a certificate of accreditation annually upon the payment of the fees indicating the period of its validity and specifying the facilities of the centre.
  2. The SHA will provide all needed materials to organize and conduct courses and small certificates (with serial number) free of charge, together with a reasonable quantity of posters or other training aids.
  3. The Saudi Heart Association will immediately notify all accredited centres of any changes in the standards and performance guidelines which are notified to the association.
  4. The first and second courses run by any centre will be supervised by a member of the faculty of the Saudi Heart Association.
  5. The Saudi Heart Association shall form an oversight group of faculty members who will be responsible for monitoring and/or reviewing training Centres performance and compliance with SHA program guidelines and curriculum on an annual basis through a review of sites, course audits and monitoring of instructors.
  6. Validity of the CPR certificates is two years.
  7. The SHA will notify the SCFHS with all centres accredited regularly.
  8. The Saudi Heart Association has the right to withdraw or cancel the certificate of accreditation in the case of violating the following points :
  • Providing courses away from their approved centers.
  • Courses not compliant to approved contents.
  • Courses not compliant to approved course duration.
  • Providing courses at reduced rates.
  • The center should maintain the ratio of (one instructor: 5-6 candidates) and never use one instructor only for classes with a bigger numbers of 8 or 12 or 24 participants.
  • Using copies of educational material.
  • Forgery of signatures, falsification of examination results & other documents.
  • Improper use of materials provided by the Association.

It is hoped that all centres/affiliates will adhere to these requirements and recommendations to achieve our goal in maintaining the standards and guidelines of CPR issued and available on the website of the CPR committee (www.cprksa.com). Approved by, the Board of Directors of the Saudi Heart Association.


The following criteria must be met before the Saudi Heart Association (SHA) will consider request from any Institution for recognition and accreditation:

  1. Follow the standards and guidelines of the Saudi Heart Association for establishing Training Center: Adequate numbers of certified Instructors in BLS and/or ACLS. Availability of equipment required for Basic and/or Advanced Cardiac Life Support training programs. A well equipped center with a lecture room & performance stations nearby, offices, secretarial facilities, storage room, etc. Ample supply of textbooks and hand outs required for a specific course.
  2. The centre (hospital) will pay an annual registration fee, which will be dependent on the type of courses that they offer. Presently the fees are as follows for governmentalcenters :
a. Basic Life Support Provider 2,000.00 SAR
b. Basic Instructor 1,500.00 SAR
Sub Total 3,500.00 SAR
c. Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider 2,000.00 SAR
d. Advanced Instructor 1,500.00 SAR
Sub Total 3,500.00 SAR
e. Pediatric advanced life support 2000.00 SAR
f. Neonatal resuscitation 2000.00 SAR
g. Pediatric & Neonatal instructor 1500.00 SAR
Sub Total
Grand Total

Private centers will pay the stipulated fees allocated for the centre

The fees should be deposited for the Saudi Heart Association, Account Number (33035725001), ( IBAN: SA6750000000033035725001) Saudi Holland Bank, Olaya Main street Branch. Proof of bank to be transferred or to be submitted to the CPR Secretary.

3.the following are the categories of accredited private CPR centres:
  • Small Centers; Certify up to 300 candidates/year, Pay double the normal fees (Total 4000.00 SAR)
  • Intermediate Centre; Certify over 300-800 candidates/year, Pay 1 &1/2 in addition to the normal fees (Total 5000.00 SAR)
  • Major center; Certify over 800 candidates/year, Pay twice the normal fees (Total 6000.00 SAR)
  • Each center must specify its category as the coordinator will receive the new small Card which has a serial number, and has to be used in sequence. Every month the coordinator has to log in the web site and fill in all the names certified in that month (Later on the registration will be online)
  • No more big certificates will be issued.
  • The new small serial certificate is under preparation and will be sent soon & to be used officially by all centers.
4.Monthly or bimonthly statistics can be forward to the (SHA)

5.Re certification of each center will only be granted provided the file record of the center is kept up to date. The following should be sent to the SHA office regularly: CPR Statistics (Monthly). Instructor's names & courses taught (Monthly). Name of the CPR chairman (If changed). Other relevant matters, i.e., payment of annual subscription, Notification of dates of first and second courses in order that the association will be able to assign a faculty member to see that the course is conducted according to the standards. Annual report of the centre activities to be forwarded to the S.H.A

6.The centres shall provide the SHA with access to its site's facilities as needed in order that the SHA may conduct an annual review.

7. Application form must be completed with the agreement form.

Copy rights:
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For the training materials and SHA books
For the web program.